Call me an eternal optimist. Call me naive. Or even delusional. But I believe there will not be another violent insurrection of the size and scale as what we witnessed at the nation’s Capitol this past January 6th. For many reasons.

To begin with, and most significantly, there’s a new Sheriff in town. President Joe Biden is not Donald Trump. He’s an honest, smart, confident, emotionally-secure, mature patriotic leader who loves and respects the Constitution, the rule of law and our cherished democracy. He also has a committed team under him just as in love with democracy as he is.

On November 1, 2006 my daughter Sophie and I became statistics. Not quite three, she joined the ‘Motherless Children’s Club’. And I became part of the 8% of U.S. households where a single father is raising a child.

That was the day my wife, actor and filmmaker Adrienne Shelly (WAITRESS), was brutally murdered while working in her West Village office.

For the past fifteen years I’ve struggled to get Sophie and I through yet another painful Mother’s Day. It’s not a celebration in my home. It’s more like an intense 24-hour stomach virus.

The day is especially difficult for Soph…

2020 has been an awful year. But truthfully? The prior three were no picnic either. As the year draws to an orgasmically welcome end, and as the minutes to the Donald J. Trump Reign of Terror painfully crawl toward January 20th, I confess that I’m tired of it all. I’m just fucking exhausted

I’m exhausted by this pandemic, but more so, because Trump’s gross incompetence and negligence elongated its lifespan and let it metastasize into the biggest killer of Americans ever

I’m tired of selfish non-maskers and those who somehow believe the mask is supposed to protect the chin


As a political observer, chances are you fall into one of two camps: those who believe President-elect Joe Biden’s masterfully handled Donald Trump’s 4-week-old juvenile “I WON!” national meltdown or, that for the sake of his own destiny and that of the nation’s, he should set an example and the right precedent by wiping the floor with him. For several critical reasons, I’m in the latter group.

To begin with, we must preserve the integrity of our free and fair elections by insisting that the winners won and the losers lost. There’s no wiggle room. We cannot allow a candidate…

Whether Donald Trump accepts it or not, on January 20th Joe Biden will become the 46th president of the United States. Biden made history by appointing Sen. Kamala Harris as his vice-president, the first woman and person of color in that position. But he shouldn’t stop there. It’s time America has its first mostly-female cabinet.

Imagine a Biden administration powered by, among others, Susan Rice as Secretary of State, Michele Flournoy as Defense Secretary, Sally Yates as Attorney General, Lael Brainard as Treasury Secretary, Julie Su as Secretary of Labor, Lily Eskelsen Garcia as Education Secretary, Mellody Hobson as Commerce…

October 5, 2020. Mark it down as the day Donald Trump officially lost his bid for re-election.

That was the day he was released after three days from Walter Reed hospital after being treated for Covid-19. Upon his return to the White House he defiantly removed his mask, stood on the balcony before the press for a Mussolini-like photo-opp and then released a video urging Americans “don’t be afraid of it”, saying he “felt better than 20 years ago” and “don’t let it dominate your lives”.

But he could’ve said this instead:

“I want to apologize to the American people…

For years we amicably jabbed each other about politics. About our liberal vs conservative values. We good-naturedly, yet passionately, argued over taxes, regulation, gay-marriage, abortion and other hotbed issues. Yet my friends and I were able to remain close despite our monumental core policy differences. That all changed when they supported Donald Trump.

Trump was a game-changer. His presidency represented cruelty, corruption and evil. He mocked people with disabilities. He targeted Muslims, blacks, Hispanics, Asians and other minorities and immigrants with racist rhetoric, bans and policies. He separated families and caged kids. He embraced and enabled white supremacists. He attacked…

Four years ago millions of Republican and independent voters ‘held their noses’ and voted for Donald Trump. They didn’t like him. But they disliked Hillary Clinton much more. This year they will be the reason Trump loses.

Joe Biden doesn’t need to attract the hardcore Trump cultists. Given that in 2016 Trump lost the popular vote by 3-million, and narrowly won the electoral college by 77,000, if he just loses the ‘hold your nosers’ he’s toast.

Don’t get me wrong. These voters will still be holding their noses. But this time they’ll be voting for Biden as they do it…

I am 100% confident that the next president of the United States will be Joe Biden. I am basing that on facts and reality, and refuse to get caught up in the fear and hysteria that consumes many of my fellow democrats.

To begin with, let’s remember that Donald Trump barely won in 2016. He lost the popular vote to Hillary Clinton by almost 3-million, and eked out a paltry 77,000 vote margin in the formerly impenetrable blue wall states of Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. Consider that he narrowly won when his slate was clean and he wasn’t burdened by…

Dear Trump Supporters:

For the life of me I cannot understand how you could still support him. Do you no longer care about anything you used to care about?

On some level I get it. Four years ago you were seduced by all the racial rhetoric. You were scared, frustrated, tired of seeing your white privilege diminished by the nation’s changing demographics. Then along came Trump with his promise to Make America Great (white) Again. It was intoxicating. But that was then.

Let’s consider all that’s occurred since. What you’ve accepted from Trump:

You’re ok with pussy-grabbing, sexual assault and…

Andy Ostroy

Writer, blogger, resistor, supporter of women filmmakers

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