A Serious Question for Trump Supporters

Imagine you get a call from your son’s high school. It’s the principal. Says your boy got suspended for bullying. Mocked a disabled kid. Called her a “loser”. You call the teacher. She saw it too. So did the guidance counselor, the janitor and all his friends and some of your friends on the PTA. So you wait for him to come home…

You confront him the moment he arrives. He denies it. Said they’re all lying. Every single one of them. It never happened. It’s…wait for it…“fake news”.

Ahhh….you’re SO relieved! You hug him, tell him you believe him because this never happened before (except the 19,769 other times it did and he denied those too and said those people were all lying too), make him a sandwich and go about your business, right? FUCK NO!

You’d chase him around the house screaming “You think I’m STUPID!!??” Then you’d take away his phone and ground him for a year. Then you’d take him to the girl’s house so he can apologize in person. Then to the principal and teacher, so he can apologize to them too. Then you’d ground him some more.

But somehow, when it comes to Donald Trump, you believe him. You believe everything he tells you. Always. Without fail. No matter how preposterous it seems.

You believe him when he tells you that there’s this great big “deep state” “never Trump” conspiracy against him involving everyone in the world. That they’re all lying. And that he’s the only one telling you the truth. He even says “believe me” when he’s telling you this…for extra convincing.

Trump tells you this widespread conspiracy exists to make him, “your favorite president”, look bad and to destroy his re-election campaign.

This intricate, tightly-woven conspiratorial web includes Democrats, moderate Republicans, independents, his previous cabinet members, current aides, former aides, his former lawyer Michael Cohen, Mueller, Congress, the entire intelligence community, SDNY, NY Attorney General, NYC District Attorney, his niece Mary Trump, his sister Maryanne Trump Barry (a former federal judge), the media (even Fox News!), Dr. Fauci, scientists, the CDC, the FDA, the polls, our foreign allies. They’re all lying. Everyone.

Trump literally tells you that nothing they ever say about him…that anything negative reported…that any studies he doesn’t like…that any poll that shows him losing…ALL OF IT…is just a lie.

He even tells you not to believe your own eyes and ears.

And despite common sense and logic you believe him. Always. Without fail.

The latest example of this “fake news” “deep state” conspiracy is a stunning story in The Atlantic that broke Thursday night which alleges Trump, on the morning of a trip to Aisne-Marne American Cemetery near Paris in 2018, referred to our fallen soldiers as “losers” and “suckers”.

Almost immediately Trump, desperately sensing the magnitude of this allegation, tweeted”I never called our great fallen soldiers anything other than HEROES”.

Just more deep-state never-Trumpers lying about him again, huh?

Will you believe him this time?

Maybe it’s time to ask yourselves one simple question: Is it really possible that everyone is always lying about Trump?

Maybe he’s just always lying to you

Writer, blogger, resistor, supporter of women filmmakers

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