Donald Trump is a Sociopath. It’s Time to Stop Pretending Otherwise

I believe Donald Trump is a sociopath. I have no professional credentials to make that diagnosis, but I know what I see and hear, and I can intelligibly grasp what the experts say.

Among the characteristics of a sociopath cited by Natural News is that they “invent outrageous lies about their experiences.” They also seek to “dominate others and win at all costs.” And they “never apologize.” Still not convinced? They’re also “incapable of feeling shame, guilt (I disagree in part with this one) or remorse. And, they’re “delusional and literally believe that what they say becomes truth.”

Sound like Trump? The self-proclaimed “stable genius”? The “chosen one”? Who thinks he’s God?

There’s more, but if by now you don’t see a giant image of Trump in front of your brain then you’re likely wearing a red MAGA hat.

For the first time in American history, as evidenced by Trump’s erratic, unhinged unprecedented behavior over the past three years, we have a president who is more mentally unstable, unpredictable and dangerous than the heads of enemy states. And he has his tiny fingers within short reach of the nuclear codes. It’s a terribly frightening reality to accept, but it’s our reality nonetheless.

Trump has been impeached for abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. But he was acquitted by a corrupt, complicit Republican-controlled Senate which joined him in perpetrating the biggest cover-up in political history.

But despite that “acquittal” Trump continues to seethe, attacking opponents from Nancy Pelosi and Democrats to Sen. Mitt Romney, former FBI director James Comey and top National Security Council Ukraine expert Col. Alexander Vindman (a decorated war hero who sacrificed his body for his country), who testified against him under oath and who was fired Friday in retaliation.

Trump remains incredibly agitated by and obsessed with his impeachment and continues to express that rage on twitter. He cannot let go of the “witch hunt”…the “hoax”…the “coup” against him. He continues to claim he did absolutely nothing wrong, despite more than a handful of Republican Senators, including Romney (the only Republican to vote for conviction), who’ve criticized his actions in the Ukraine arms-for-Biden-dirt scandal as “wrong”, “inappropriate” and “impeachable”.

This just further illustrates the severity of Trump’s pathology. He’s tone-deaf, with an insatiable hunger for praise, credit and attention. He demands blind loyalty and views disagreement as betrayal. He views himself as the State. And so to betray him is to betray the State. To betray America.

His words and actions are those of someone without a heart and soul. If a space alien inhabited a human life form, it would sound like Trump: devoid of emotion, compassion, humility and empathy.

Donald Trump cares about one thing and one thing only: Donald Trump.

And right now, despite Mueller’s “total exoneration”…despite the Senate “acquittal”…Trump’s enraged and feels threatened. Cornered. Vengeful. He made that clear this week with his deranged 90-minute hate-filled White House ‘victory’ speech; his outrageous remarks at the National Prayer Breakfast; the firings of Vindman, his brother and former Ambassador Gordon Sondland (who also testified against him); and the non-stop rage-tweets.

Donald Trump is an unhinged sociopath and one with the most power of any human on the planet. And that’s beyond chilling…

Writer, blogger, resistor, supporter of women filmmakers

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