How the Fuck Is Trump Ahead in Most Swing States?

Andy Ostroy
3 min readNov 5

Donald Trump is not a Republican. He’s not a conservative. The truth is, he couldn’t give a flying fuck about issues of concern to traditional conservatives and the Christian right. He only cares about one thing: himself …and feeding his rapacious, insatiable appetite for attention, money, and absolute power.

What Trump is is a fascist. A dictator-wannabe whose sole motivation is to shut down the criminal cases against him and become president-for-life, like the foreign strongmen of his fantasies. And this is certain: He continues to pose the greatest threat to our democracy since our founding 247 years ago.

Which is why it’s more shocking and unfathomable than ever that true conservatives, evangelicals, could still be pledging undying fealty to this dangerous monster even after two impeachments, four indictments, 91 felony counts, rape, and his relentless attacks on the Constitution and every single American institution, norm and boundary.

And even more shocking is that a year out from the election, Trump, according to a new poll from the NY Times and Sienna College, is leading President Joe Biden in the critical battleground states of Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona and Nevada.

What the fuck is wrong with America?

Biden is perhaps the most productive, successful first-term president in U.S. history. He’s demonstrated keen leadership abroad in the face of two wars in Ukraine and Israel; the economy is humming, with 3% GDP growth, record job growth and unemployment, and just 3.7% inflation; and more key legislation and bi-partisan legislation has passed than in the past several decades.

Biden’s a good, decent, honest man filled with compassion and empathy. He cares. He truly cares about Americans of all socio-economic and political persuasions.

Trump is a sociopath. He has no core belief system. He couldn’t care less about anyone…let alone abortion, faith, family values, law and order, 2A, free trade, small government, national security and other issues that conservatives claim matter greatly to them. To the contrary, he’s a pathologically-lying, sexually-promiscuous, serial-sinning corrupt traitor who, as a fraudulent businessman, never met a government handout he didn’t like.

But make no mistake: The Republican Party is firmly his. And it’s nothing short of astonishing how swiftly and thoroughly he’s reshaped and destroyed it. How he’s enticed Republicans to abandoned every single principle they’ve ever had in order to protect and defend someone who’d never return even an ounce of that loyalty and who will eventually attempt to destroy them the nanosecond they stop kissing his ass.

So here we are. November 2022. The clock is ticking. It’s now it’s a race against time. Desperately hoping the rule of law slaps the shit out of him before next November’s election. Hoping the judicial system, the courts, reinforce to him and to us that no one is above the law. Because if it fails, and these polls are right, the democracy we’ve come to love is done.

Andy Ostroy

Director, producer, podcaster, writer, resistor, non-profit-supporter of women filmmakers