I Detest Donald Trump As Much As I Hate My Wife’s Killer

Fourteen years ago my wife, actor and filmmaker Adrienne Shelly (WAITRESS), was brutally murdered. I hate her killer. He robbed me, my then-2-year-old daughter and our family of one of the most kind, caring, loving and unique human beings I’d ever met. Though I never thought I could say this about anyone else, I detest Donald Trump as much as I do this monster.

Adrienne’s killer has been locked away in the ‘big house’, no longer a threat to society. Trump is in the people’s house, where he continues to cause sickness, death and emotional, moral and physical destruction every day.

With his gross incompetence, disdain for science and facts and willful gaslighting of reality, Trump, according to health experts, is responsible for the death of over 100,000 Americans from Covid19. And over 1000 people are dying every day six months since the pandemic hit our shores.

Trump has told Americans to inject disinfectant in order to prevent and/or cure the virus.

Trump is in court to kill Obamacare. If successful, tens of millions of Americans would be without health insurance. Many will die…because he and Republicans still have failed to come up with a viable alternative.

Trump has altered weather charts which put Americans in danger from a deadly hurricane.

Vladimir Putin, according to U.S. intelligence briefings, has been paying the Taliban to kill American soldiers in Afghanistan. To date, Trump has refused to confront Putin about this act of war.

Trump has allowed Russia to infiltrate and undermine our elections, which is a direct attack on our democracy.

Trump has lied about the nuclear threat from North Korea, putting our national security in grave danger.

Trump separated families at the U.S./Mexican border and caged children under horrific health and living conditions.

Trump is waging a war against the Postal Service and slowing its service. Millions of seniors receive critical medications through the mail. They could die without these prescription drugs. It’s also a blatant attack on our free and fair elections and thus our democracy.

Trump is an admitted sexual-abuser and accused rapist.

Trump has “wished well” a global sex-trafficker of underage girls.

Trump is a blatant racist.

Trump has defended torch-carrying neo-Nazi’s marching in the streets chanting “Jews will not replace us”.

Trump is a poisonous, divisive, violence-inciting spreader of hate.

Trump has put his re-election before the health, welfare and lives of our children.

Yes. Donald Trump is a monster too. A sociopath. A pathologically-lying, self-serving irresponsible, reckless danger to the life of every single American and citizen of the world. He has our blood on his hands. He is no better than the average murderer who randomly kills an innocent civilian. He needs to be defeated, investigated, prosecuted, convicted and imprisoned just the same.

And he is deserving of our contempt…

Writer, blogger, resistor, supporter of women filmmakers

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