Making the Case for Hillary 2020

Andy Ostroy
5 min readNov 16, 2018


Before I begin, let me first save some of you precious time by writing a few of the hate-replies I’m expecting:

*Hillary? Seriously dude, WTF is wrong with you?


*No more f**king Clintons!

*She was the WORST candidate in history!

Actually, she was the most qualified candidate in history, and she kinda sorta won. She received almost 3-million more votes than Donald Trump and, if we all truly believe in Robert Mueller’s investigation into collusion and obstruction of justice, then we should argue that Vladimir Putin stole the Electoral College for Trump by a razor-thin 77,000-vote margin which crumbled the blue wall in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

Full disclosure: I was all-in for Hillary Clinton in both 2008 and ’16. I have three daughters. Like many Americans hungry for progress and gender-equality, I so desperately and passionately yearn for a woman president. Not only because it’s about time we shatter that proverbial glass ceiling, but because I truly believe the future is female. That women should take over the controls…because America, and the world, would be a much better place for it.

And because I continue to believe Hillary is not only the most qualified candidate in history, but that she’d actually be an incredible president.

Ok, relax…I’ll indulge you haters for a moment. Hillary did run a bad campaign (she never went to Wisconsin, for example). She is a polarizing figure. She is stiff and awkward. She can come off as entitled, arrogant and tone-deaf. And she does have a husband whose baggage is a real liability (but let’s be very clear: she’s not responsible for her husband’s behavior. She’s a victim of it). Were she to run again, she definitely needs massive help (psst…Hillary…I’m available and ready).

In politics, four years is a very long time. Times change. Perceptions change. People change. Voters change. And yes, candidates can change too. Consider Richard M. Nixon, who had the last laugh in 1968 when, after his humiliating loss to JFK eight years earlier, went on to win two terms because America was a much different place than when he lost in ’60. I don’t believe the political and cultural landscape is much different in…



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