Republican Chaos: Belligerent Children Incapable of Leading

Andy Ostroy
2 min readOct 6

In 2022 Republicans implored voters to put them back in power. To give them control of Congress. They ran on the issues of crime, border control, fiscal responsibility and restoring a general order to governing upended by what they claimed was an out of control, chaotic Democratic leadership. Thankfully, Democrats kept the Senate, but they lost the House. But not by the overhyped ‘red wave’ of 40–60 seats, but by a measly 4. Disappointing nonetheless.

Cut to October 2023. Kevin McCarthy’s been ousted as House Speaker, the House is currently without a speaker, and the House is in a real state of chaos, not the imaginary one when Dems were in charge. Next week we’re gonna likely see a bloody battle for the Speakership between the many forces of evil vying for this utterly thankless job rendered impotent by Matt Gaetz and the Crazy Caucus by the ongoing Motion to vacate threat which took McCarthy down.

Making this shitshow even more chaotic is Donald Trump, who’s never failed to inject himself into anything. He’s just endorsed his chief Congressional ass-kisser Jim Jordan for Speaker. And in today’s ethically and morally-bankrupt GOP, the endorsement from a corrupt treasonous racist, rapist sociopath is not just welcomed, it’s highly coveted…and worn as a badge of fucking honor.

I imagine with great dismay how the rest of the world must be viewing the US’s right-wing extremist dumpster-fire right now: a nation divided, dysfunctional, and in complete disarray.

Over the past couple of years America has experienced many truly unbelievable firsts: a twice-impeached president; a four-time indicted former president; three US military branches operating without a leader; a front-runner on bail in four jurisdictions; and a fired House Speaker.

This is what happens when you give control of anything to Republicans.

Andy Ostroy

Director, producer, podcaster, writer, resistor, non-profit-supporter of women filmmakers