Republicans are Shameless Hypocrites

Andy Ostroy
3 min readMar 3, 2023

The Republican Party’s hypocrisy is raging out of control. And it’s quite dangerous. The latest example of this was the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing Wednesday where several fake patriots like Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley performed worse than actors in an Oklahoma dinner-theater…feigning righteous indignation and outrage as they attacked Attorney General Merrick Garland over manufactured ‘scandals’ involving Hunter Biden, Taylor Swift tickets and whether the Justice department had informants in Catholic churches.

The same Cruz and Hawley who, along with practically the entire GOP, continues to defend, protect and enable a corrupt insurrection-inciting traitor like Donald Trump. The same Hawley who infamously fist-pumped the rioters in solidarity on January 6th, 2021 as they stormed the Capitol. But sure, let’s worry instead about Swifties who couldn’t get concert tickets.

So let’s summarize the Republican Party’s pathetic hypocrisy:

The GOP is not the pro-life party. It’s the party that allows mass-shooters to kill and maim everyone from school kids and church goer’s to club patrons and concert attendees. They care more about guns and the bullets that kill people than the actual people getting killed.

The GOP is not the party of faith. Of God and religion. Of ‘good Christian values’. It is the party that mocks disabled people. Cages children. Controls women’s bodies. Bullies trans kids. Forces 11-year-old girls to carry rapists’ babies. Is cruel and inhumane to refugees, minorities, the sick, the poor and those in need.

The GOP is not the party of fiscal responsibility. It’s the party of historic out-of-control spending. The party whose presidents have consistently racked up record debt and deficits as their Democratic counterparts like Bill Clinton, Barack Obama and Joe Biden have reduced our indebtedness.

The GOP is not the party of law and order. It’s the party that beats the living shit out of cops, seeks to defund the FBI, pisses on the Constitution and worships its Mob Boss Trump, who never met a law he doesn’t like to break.

The GOP is not the pro-military party. The party of national defense. It’s the party that attacks Generals, Gold-Star families and war heroes like the late John McCain…while choosing a brutal, murderous war criminal like Vladimir Putin and Russia over our intelligence officials and democratic ally Ukraine.

The GOP is not the patriot party. It’s the party of seditionists and traitors. Of deadly insurrection. A party that attempts to overturn free and fair elections and overthrow the government. A party that uses the American Flag as a weapon of violence. A party that is hellbent on once again nominating a dangerous democracy-raping dictator-wannabe who blew Putin on-stage at Helsinki, had a love affair with Kim Jong Un and empowers America’s overall enemies while alienating its allies.

That’s your Republican Party. Corrupt, treasonous and broken as fuck…



Andy Ostroy

Director, producer, podcaster, writer, resistor, non-profit-supporter of women filmmakers