Ron DeSantis’s Campaign Meltdown

Andy Ostroy
2 min readMay 31

So Ron DeSantis made his big announcement last week. (Yawn). He bizarrely chose to do it on an obscure feature of a small, increasingly irrelevant and perhaps even dying social media app while being utterly overshadowed by an erratic, conspiracy-spewing, sexist and racist-trope-tweeting megalomaniac billionaire whose masturbatory live-stream ended up with a massive case of glitchy electile-dysfunction.

“DeSanctous (as Trump strangely calls him), appeared like a small, meandering MAGAt suffering a bad case of woke-mind-virus. His big pronouncement, on Twitter Spaces at the behest of the new King of Conservative Media and Rupert Murdoch-wannabe Elon Musk, began with a humiliating dead-air filled delay of about 25 minutes with Musk’s embarrassing hot-mic attempts to excuse his platform’s technological shitshow because of “server capability”. It was so bad they had to pull the plug and start over. At its peak it drew just 300,000 listeners, a fraction of those who watched April the giraffe giving birth.

As expected, the media pounced. The New York Times called DeSantis’s announcement a “fiasco.”NPR called it a “disaster”. The Washington Post called it “awkward”. NBC News labeled it a ‘meltdown.’ Politico said it was “horrendous.” Even Fox News called it a “glitchy launch”.

Twitter’s staff is now roughly 10% of what it was before ‘the genius’ took over, and it clearly lacked the resources to quickly and effectively deal with a glitch of this magnitude or, more so, prevent it from happening in the first place.

But the biggest takeaway from this digital dumpster-fire is not the glitch. It’s that DeSantis is a weak, feckless coward who literally couldn’t show his face…as he meekly hid behind the audio-only coattails of Musk without once mentioning Trump’s name or even acknowledging his very existence.

Out on the campaign trail in the week since the epic Twitter failure, DeSantis has continued to largely ignore Trump, choosing instead to focus his attacks on President Joe Biden, as if he doesn’t realize he first needs to get past his indictment-plagued Republican opponent before taking on Old Joe.

DeSantis fails to grasp that Trump is a sociopath not tethered to facts and reality. A merciless bully with an uncanny knack for identifying and exploiting an opponent’s weakness. At some point very soon Rob (as Trump strangely calls him) will have to punch back hard or get swallowed up in Trump’s deadly web like Marco Rubio and all the other losers in ’16.

And if recent polling is any indication, DeSantis’s nascent campaign may already be on life-support.

Andy Ostroy

Director, producer, podcaster, writer, resistor, non-profit-supporter of women filmmakers