Shame On The Supreme Court

Andy Ostroy
3 min readJul 1, 2023

I’m beginning to truly loathe the Supreme Court. But I guess that’s just connected to my general disdain for the Republican Party and conservatism…neither of which seem to give much of a rat’s ass these days about the rule of law, the Constitution and our beloved democracy.

This week the nation’s highest court sent liberals spinning on a legal and emotional yo-yo, first ruling against an insane attempt by red states to literally do whatever the fuck they want when it comes to federal elections, but then quickly returning to its activist ultra-conservative political, ethnic and religious dogmatism as it did 10 years ago when it gutted the Voting Rights Act of 1965…thus deciding that racial inequality and institutional racism is over; that the LGBTQ community can and will continue to be discriminated against; and that some 40-million Americans don’t need student debt relief.

The six conservatives justices’ opinion is that it’s now essential that everyone be ‘treated the same’. No more “unfair advantages’ when it comes to college admissions. That President Joe Biden’s student debt relief program is illegal. That Christians should have the right to refuse customers whose beliefs and lifestyles differ from their own.

Except there’s this little privilege thang called legacy admissions…ya know, ‘my daddy went to Harvard, my granddaddy went to Harvard and his daddy went to Harvard!’ Of course, preferential treatment is just fine with white folks if the beneficiaries are other rich, connected white folks. The hypocrisy is repugnant.

And there’s also this little thing called the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment, which ensures that all Americans receive equal protection under the Constitution.

Lastly, in 2003, Congress enacted the HEROES Act (Higher Education Relief Opportunities for Students). So it is legal.

These are just the court’s outrageously offensive, misguided rulings. And I’m not even talking about the blatant corruption of Justices like Samuel Alito and Clarence Thomas, who are virtually owned by powerful white billionaires like Paul Singer and Harlan Crow who sure as fuck seem to have traded lavish foreign trips for preferential treatment before the court.

Or how infuriating it is that Thomas, who basically owes his career to affirmative action, offered a staggeringly arrogant, delusional opinion.

Shame on them. They just overturned 40 years of legal precedent. Just as they did last year with Roe v Wade after 50 years.

Make no mistake. These rich white conservatives jerk off to the thought of 1950’s America. When women were in the kitchen barefoot and pregnant; where blacks and Hispanics knew their place; where gays were closeted and lived in fear; and where rich white dudes controlled everything.

Well, whether these white-replacement-fearing sexist bigots like it or not, women won’t be silenced. People of color won’t be oppressed and disenfranchised. LGBTQ folks won’t be forced into hiding. And old white conservatives are, thankfully, a dying breed…



Andy Ostroy

Director, producer, podcaster, writer, resistor, non-profit-supporter of women filmmakers