I Knew George Washington. George Washington Was a Friend of Mine. You’re No George Washington

Andy Ostroy
1 min readJul 9

I always say, there’s no bottom to Donald Trump’s disgusting, vile, corrupt, treasonous sociopathic behavior. And once again he’s proven me and others right.

We learned last week that he recently posted Barack Obama’s home address on his Truth Social feed. And guess what? A wacked-out armed J6'er Q-Anon freak, who was already under FB surveillance and investigation, was subsequently arrested near the residence. That’s right: the former US president posted the home address of his predecessor. His black predecessor. Because he’s…a…sick…fuck. And incredibly dangerous.

And over the July 4th weekend Trump also re-posted a meme that said “Fuck Biden”. This is what that deranged maniac chooses to post on the day celebrating our nation’s independence. Attacking the current president on July 4th. His contempt for America and everything it stands for is staggering.

Lastly, Trump also posted a photo-shopped image of himself as George Washington leading his men in fierce battle. Let’s be clear: Washington was a courageous, patriotic soldier. A war hero. Donald Trump is a weak, feckless, draft-dodging cowardly traitor. No amount of pathetic online Revolutionary War re-enactments will ever change that glaring fact.

Andy Ostroy

Director, producer, podcaster, writer, resistor, non-profit-supporter of women filmmakers