Stick a Fork in Ron DeBobblehead

Andy Ostroy
2 min readMay 1

I have to say, I am throughly enjoying the ongoing implosion of Ron “Bobblehead” DeSantis and his presidential campaign that never was.

The Florida fascist, whose white go-go boots would make Nancy Sinatra jealous, last week became a mega-MAGA-meme with his bizarre head-shaking response to a reporter’s question about him falling behind Donald Trump in the polls. He was so visibly uncomfortable with the question that his head nearly did a 360 spin like Linda Blair in The Exorcist. It was a gift to libtards like me — who decided just for shits and giggles, especially the giggles — to create a ridiculously exaggerated bobblehead impression as my very first Tik Tok video…which shockingly has garnered 16,000 views so far.

But DeSantis’ freakish physicality isn’t the only thing setting fire to his presidential fantasies. He continues to be bitch-slapped non-stop by both Trump and Mickey Mouse; his misguided attacks on Disney is backfiring hugely, especially now with the lawsuit it just filed against him. And through his racist, homophobic, transphobic, book-banning, vagina-obsessed culture-war policies and rhetoric he’s hemorrhaging moderate Republican and independent voters, big donors and key endorsements.

To be sure, DeSantis is spiraling deeper and deeper into his MAGA-hero-wannabe cocoon. He has virtually no support beyond Florida and is failing miserably at expanding his base nationally, which is what you need to do if you’re eyeballing the White House.

Stick a fork in him. He’s become a joke. A late night talk-show joke. A Mike Dukakis helmet-wearing, Howard Dean-screaming joke. And jokes don’t become president.

Andy Ostroy

Director, producer, podcaster, writer, resistor, non-profit-supporter of women filmmakers