Trump, DeSantis and Musk: ‘Wah, Wah, Wah…It’s Not My Fault!’

Andy Ostroy
2 min readJul 15, 2023

What do Donald Trump, Ron DeSantis and Elon Musk have in common besides being narcissist sociopathic loser douchenozzles? They all blame everyone but themselves for their misfortunes and failures. None take responsibility for their words and actions. None can admit mistake. None of them will ever say “I’m sorry”. Ever. About anything.

Let’s start with Trump. He’s twice-impeached, twice-indicted, about to be indicted twice more, was found liable of sexual assault, and cost his party practically every key election in the past 6 years. He’s the most corrupt, treasonous excuse for a politician in American history.

But is it Trump’s fault? Nope. He blames the DOJ, FBI, the courts, bi-partisan election officials, Congress, the media, Democrats, Republicans, trans athletes, Pete Davidson, the cast of Sesame Street and anyone else he can think of.

He claims he’s the target of the broadest conspiracy ever. Such a victim. So mistreated. No one’s ever been so mistreated. Remember when he said “They always said nobody got treated worse than Lincoln. I believe I am treated worse.” I’m gonna stick with Lincoln. And John F. Kennedy.

Then there’s DeSantis, whose presidential campaign basically imploded before it began. He’s boring, humorless and relentlessly spews anti-woke, anti-trans, anti-LGBTQ rhetoric. His policies are so oppressive and out of step with Americans that even his comrades in the GOP see them as cringe-worthy. His dark, dystopian view of America is fueled by scapegoating, bullying, bigotry and hate…all of which, by the way, go over really well with suburban moms.

‘DeSanctus’, as Trump oddly calls him, may be popular in his home state of Florida, but across the country he’s so irrelevant and invisible he can’t even get himself arrested, unlike his chief rival who’s actually quite good at it. He trails Trump by as much as 30 points, with the gap widening each day.

But is it DeSantis’s fault? Nope. He blames the media, who he claims “does not want me to be the nominee. I think that’s very clear.” Nope. Not clear at all.

Lastly, there’s Musk, who’s single-handedly destroyed Twitter, gutting ad rev by 90% and cutting its valuation over 50%. Because this is what happens when a believing-his-own-hype megalomaniac doesn’t have smart rocket scientists and automotive engineers building cool shit for him. When the Chief Twit sits around all day and night bangin’ out ‘cool, edgy, cryptic frat-bro douche’ tweets while the much smarter, way more successful Mark Zuckerberg quietly builds that new app that’s gonna kill yours.

But is it Musk’s fault? Nope. He blames Democrats too. And Congress. And Zuckerberg. And of course, the woke-mind-virus.

Trump. DeSantis. Musk. They’re the hat trick of thin-skinned sore-losing snowflakes.



Andy Ostroy

Director, producer, podcaster, writer, resistor, non-profit-supporter of women filmmakers