Trump is F**KED

Andy Ostroy
2 min readJun 27

Donald Trump was indicted earlier this month by the Department of Justice, slapped with 37 felony counts relating to his alleged theft of top-secret classified documents and obstruction of the government’s investigation. Unfortunately for Trump, after his catastrophically self-incriminating Fox News interview last week with Bret Baier, and the brand-new audio clip released yesterday, we no longer need to say ‘alleged’.

Because Donald Trump went on national television and admitted taking the documents and obstructing justice. Because Donald Trump blabbed like a thieving traitor at his golf resort in Bedminster, N.J. about stealing a top-secret classified document — admitting he could no longer declassify it since he was no longer president — while disseminating it in a blatant violation of the Espionage Act. Because Donald Trump is a fucking moron who can’t keep his big orange mouth shut. Because Donald Trump is a petulant, defiant toddler. And because Donald Trump a malignant narcissist who not only thinks the world revolves around him, but that everything in that world is his.

Well now he’s done shot himself bigly in the Bone Spurs. As Chris Christie said after watching the Fox interview, “His lawyers this morning are jumping out of whatever window they’re near.”

The new audio clip, obtained and released by CNN, is further state-of-mind proof. Proof of intent. Proof that Trump knew what he was doing. Knew it was wrong. Knew it was illegal. But did it anyway. Because there was no one with big enough balls to tell him so, and even if they did, he’d only continue to believe the laws don’t apply to him.

All of this, including the 37-felony count indictment, could’ve been avoided had Trump simply complied with the government’s year-long request — more like begging — to return the documents. But not only did he not do that —instead shrieking ‘Mine, Mine!’ like a petulant child who won’t share his toys — he continues to defy his lawyers by talking about the case and doing the DOJ’s work for them.

Because Donald Trump is his own worst enemy. Because Donald Trump can’t help himself. There’s no fake news. No witch hunt. No deep-state conspiracy. Remember the phrase from years ago…“Let Trump be Trump”? Well we have. And this is the eventual result, though it took almost 10 years to metastasize.

Make no mistake: Donald Trump will go down in history as the single biggest cause of Donald Trump’s business, political and legal downfalls.

And so now the case, The United States v Donald J. Trump, has as the best witness against him, Donald Trump himself. In his own words. Such a phenomenal witness that special counsel Jack Smith should put him on DOJ’s payroll.

Andy Ostroy

Director, producer, podcaster, writer, resistor, non-profit-supporter of women filmmakers