Trump’s Indictment Interference

Andy Ostroy
2 min readSep 5

Donald Trump vomits non-stop that President Joe Biden, democrats, RINO Republicans, the courts, judges and prosecutors are all engaging in what he calls election interference. That, as always, it’s all just one big fat Deep-State conspiracy against him. That, contrary to everything he’s been charged with, he’s actually a good, kind, decent, honest, innocent person…and the most undeserving victim of the worst persecution in political history.

This whiny, pissy, grievance-obsessed serial-criminal and traitor is having a hard time accepting the fact that he’s no longer sitting in the corner office at Trump Tower where he was accustomed to doing and saying whatever the fuck he wanted with impunity. He can’t accept that he is not above the law. That his four indictments, four arrests and 91 felony charges are the direct and exclusive result of his behavior and no one else’s.

Trump likes to blame others for his criminality. And he’s a master at projection. He foolishly believes that if he simply accuses others of doing all the bad shit he does, we won’t notice. Except we have the receipts. The audio. Video. The testimony of former aides, staff and other witnesses — and now co-conspirators and co-defendants — who, one by one, have come to the very practical conclusion that they ain’t goin’ to prison for this corrupt, treasonous POS who’d never ever return even an ounce of loyalty.

The truth is, Donald Trump is facing an existential crisis the likes of which can and very likely will destroy him…personally, politically, financially. His next 18 months, most of which will occur during his presidential campaign, will be consumed by trials.

But let’s be crystal fucking clear about one thing: Trump is running again for one reason and one reason only: to shield himself from prosecution. Which explains why he’s desperately trying to delay his trials — so far to no avail — beyond the 2024 election so that, in the event he wins, he can fire the prosecutors and shut the cases against him. He doesn’t give a flying fuck about the office, its responsibilities, or the people it’s supposed to serve. He’s simply trying to stay out of prison.

Remember: the investigations into Trump’s criminality began before he announced his candidacy. So…election interference my ass. More like, indictment interference.

Andy Ostroy

Director, producer, podcaster, writer, resistor, non-profit-supporter of women filmmakers