What I Just Figured Out About Trump That Explains EVERYTHING…

Andy Ostroy
3 min readMar 16, 2024

I think I’ve finally figured out Donald Trump. I feel like I’ve unlocked the secret to his every decision. His every move. The one thing that drives him more than anything: his need to be the contrarian. The lone wolf. Mr. “I Alone”.

Trump’s psychotic pathology dictates that he must say “up” when everyone else says “down”. Black when everyone says white. Yes whenever everyone says no, and no when everyone says yes. Not because he believes up or black or yes or no is correct, logical or part of any core value he has. It’s simply because he cannot be part of a team. He does not know how to share…whether it’s a position, a stage and certainly not credit. “Collaboration” is not a word in his vocabulary nor is such an act of teamwork and selflessness part of his DNA. He achieves zero satisfaction from accomplishing something together with others.

Which is why if on a Monday he says “I’m for XYZ” and his Republican sycophants quickly kiss his ass and agree, he’ll on Tuesday flip flop and say “I’m actually against XYZ”.

Trump has an insatiable craving and need to always be the center of attention. To always be the one who’s right. The one who knows more about anything and everything than anyone. No matter how outlandish his positions or buffoonish his behavior.

For example, if he feels it would get him more attention, he would literally say cancer is good. Or that the N-word is acceptable. Or that Hitler was right in annihilating 6-million Jews. Because he’d be publicly alone in those positions and that makes him feel best. Because to him, no one’s smarter than him. So he doesn’t care if he’s the only one in the one world to think and say something. In fact, that’s what he lives for. Because it gets him attention.

And he does not care about the fallout over his outrageous statements and behavior. Nor does he have the emotional capacity to grasp the gravity or depravity of them. Because to Trump, negative reinforcement…attention of any kind…is a win. It feeds his diseased id in a way the rest of us cannot comprehend.

Which is why after 10 years on the political stage we still have no idea who Trump really is. What he truly believes. Which is why we see him frequently demanding capitulation of a particular issue by Congressional Republicans…only to quickly reverse course and throw them under the proverbial bus when they’ve given him exactly what he wants.

Because he just likes to be the boss. Thrives on getting people to shamelessly subjugate themselves and succumb to his every pathological whim. And the issues, the positions, are just props to make others look foolish and garner him more attention.

And all of this equates to chaos. Which is the blood that runs through his deranged veins. It’s what keeps him alive and makes him happiest.



Andy Ostroy

Director, producer, podcaster, writer, resistor, non-profit-supporter of women filmmakers