What Joe Biden Needs to Do ASAP

Andy Ostroy
2 min readAug 29, 2020

There are 66 days until the election. The race between Donald Trump and Joe Biden is way too close for comfort given the reality of the past four years and what’s at stake going forward.

The race shouldn’t be this close. Trump is the worst president in history. He’s an ignorant, pathologically-lying, corrupt, sexist, racist, hate and violence-inciting sociopath and traitor. A dictator-wannabe whose fantasy is to destroy our democracy and become King.

Biden is a smart, decent, compassionate, empathetic, law-abiding patriot with 47 years of unblemished service who wants to unite the country. He should be up 50 points in the polls. But he’s not. And that’s scary.

If Biden’s going to win against the force of evil that is Trump and the Republican Party he needs to immediately step up his game and do the following:

*Campaign non-stop in WI, MI, PA, MN, AZ, GA, NC, TX, FL, OH

*Create a ‘10-point Covid-19 Attack Plan’ that demonstrates his command of the virus, how to contain and defeat it and prepare America for the next pandemic

*Make clear that he is against violent protests

*Make clear he does not want to de-fund police

*Make clear that no one, not even the president, is above the law

*Make clear he is will be tough on crime and criminals, while also fighting police brutality and systemic racism within police departments nationwide

*Make clear he will fight racism everywhere

*Make clear he is a capitalist who believes in the American dream

*Make clear he is pro-business AND pro-employee

*Promise never to cut ONE PENNY from Social Security and Medicare

*Promise to protect and expand Obamacare

*Promise to cut middle class taxes by 20% while undoing Trump’s tax cuts for the wealthy

*Make clear he will never let Russia or any other enemy attack our democracy

*Make clear he will never “fall in love” with, and will instead forcefully stand up to, brutal dictators like Kim Jong Un, Xi, Putin, Erdogan and MBS

*Make clear he will defend our troops from bounties placed on their heads

*Make clear he will support our allies and alliances like NATO

*Give more prime-time speeches

*Do weekly press conferences

*Go on the Sunday morning news shows each week

*Publicly jog and ride bikes more. A lot more.

Andy Ostroy

Director, producer, podcaster, writer, resistor, non-profit-supporter of women filmmakers