Why There Won’t Be Another January 6th-Like Insurrection

Call me an eternal optimist. Call me naive. Or even delusional. But I believe there will not be another violent insurrection of the size and scale as what we witnessed at the nation’s Capitol this past January 6th. For many reasons.

To begin with, and most significantly, there’s a new Sheriff in town. President Joe Biden is not Donald Trump. He’s an honest, smart, confident, emotionally-secure, mature patriotic leader who loves and respects the Constitution, the rule of law and our cherished democracy. He also has a committed team under him just as in love with democracy as he is.

Contrast that to Trump, who in the years, months, weeks and days leading up to the Capitol attack not only incessantly regurgitated the “stolen election” Big Lie which fueled the frustration and anger of the insurrectionists, he sat by idly for hours as one of America’s most sacred institutions was breached, desecrated and held hostage while MAGA mobs threatened to assassinate his vice-president Mike Pence, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other elected officials.

Not only only did Trump do absolutely nothing to stop the attack, he hid in the White House (after promising his cultists just before the uprising that he’d be marching with them down Pennsylvania Avenue) and cravenly watched it unravel live on TV…giving his Id-controlled microdick the biggest hard-on of its miserable little life.

Trump refused to call up the National Guard. He ignored the desperate pleas of advisors and staff. He essentially told House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy to fuck off during a frantic call to the Oval Office as a barricaded McCarthy feared for his life. After several hours Trump finally and reluctantly released a video urging protestors to go home, but not before repeating the Big Lie and telling them “we love you”.

Another big difference between January 6th and now is that the angry MAGA mob has been neutered. They’ve lost Dear Leader. Their ‘friend’ in the White House. Their fellow white supremacist. Their protector. They’re no longer the ‘insiders’.

Think of it this way: Imagine there’s a bank next door to a police station. Your buddy is the police chief. He tells you for years that the banking system is rigged against you. That banks are stealing your money. And he incites you to storm the bank and take back that money. He’s even previously said he’d pay for your legal defense if you act out. So you believe you can waltz into that bank and rob it because your police chief pal will let you. More so, that he’ll stand on the station steps next door and gleefully cheer you on as you do it. And so you do it. Because you’re too stupid to know he’s been playing you for a fool…and you feel empowered and protected as a result.

But the police chief pal is now gone. And so are his corrupt cops. There’s a new police chief. And he’s not fucking around, especially with democracy. In the past five months we’ve seen 500 insurrectionists arrested, many held without bail. And there’s likely more arrests to come. Many will spend years in prison. Plus, the FBI, Homeland Security and the entire intelligence community is monitoring the actions of these domestic terrorists more than ever. The insurrection jig is up.

Another key factor that’s changed: racism-as-official-administration-policy. We all know that “Make America Great Again” really meant “Make America White Again”. Yes, there was racism before Trump. And there still is. There will always be racism in America because millions of white folks just can’t accept racial equality. They hate black and brown people. Asians. Muslims. Jews. Gays. They fear anyone who doesn’t look or act like them.

But what has changed is that we no longer have a blatant racist as United States president. Like the Good Witch in the Wizard of Oz, Bad Witch Trump assured his mental munchkins, ‘It’s ok to slither out from under your rocks! You don’t have to be scared to be racists anymore. Or be afraid to spew white supremacy rhetoric. WE are in charge now! So…come out, come out wherever you are, and meet fellow racists who worship a star (ME!)’.

To be sure, the police-brutality death of George Floyd and other victims before him and after have cast a new light on racial injustice. And Biden’s ascension to the presidency, along with Democratic control of the House and Senate (including upset Senate victories in Georgia by a young Jew, Jon Ossoff, and a black preacher, Raphael Warnock), have changed the cultural and political landscape. The racists are now the enemy again, not those in charge.

I also believe a great many of Trump’s 74-million voters have happily moved on. The Biden Apocalypse which Trump promised before and after the election did not happen. The stock market did not crash. 401K’s have not been decimated. The economy didn’t tank. To the contrary, the economy is humming, the market is at record levels and retirement accounts are fatter than ever.

Furthermore, everyday life is almost back to normal thanks to Biden’s swift, efficient Covid vaccination distribution strategy. Though it’s still premature to declare victory, it’s safe to say we are winning the pandemic war.

Lastly, it’s quiet. Trump is banned from Twitter and Facebook, his blog went bust and not even Fox News will cover him live anymore. His exhausting, manic, divisive 24/7 stream-of-unconsciousness has been silenced. And, except for the diehard Marjorie-Taylor-Greene-is-not-a-stupid-racist-and-Matt-Gaetz-is-not-a-sex-traffcking-pedophile-and-Trump-will-be-reinstated crazies, I think tens of millions of Republicans are thrilled with that reality.

Yet all it takes is a few hundred of those crazies, perhaps armed with guns this time, to stir up some very serious shit.

Should the Capitol, White House, Supreme Court and/or other sacred government structures be threatened again, I suspect Biden would aggressively act at the first sign of trouble. He’d mobilize every military and law-enforcement option and resource at his disposal. The protest would be contained, controlled and violent antagonists immediately arrested. Would it be ugly? Very likely. Would it be bloody? Perhaps. But a January 6th-like mob would not be allowed to go beyond their initial, and assumed illegal, assembly. In short, Biden would quickly put…their…seditious…asses…down.

No one in the Oval will be handing insurrectionists the keys to the castle this time. If they act on their tantric Civil War wet dreams the full power of the United States government will be waiting for them. Knowing there will be hefty consequences, with no Bad Witch Trump to protect them, will these Rambo-wannabes risk death, their freedom, jobs and comfortable white-privileged family lives in support of a demented manbaby and his Big Lie yet again?

No way.

Writer, blogger, resistor, supporter of women filmmakers

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