WTF Is Taking So Long To Indict Trump?

Andy Ostroy
2 min readFeb 4

Let’s talk about Donald Trump. You know, that ignorant, pathologically-lying, pussy-grabbing, sexual abusing, anti-Semitic, racist, homophobic, xenophobic, corrupt, massively investigated, soon-to-be-indicted, twice-impeached, election stealing, democracy-raping, dictator-wannabe sociopath. Or who Republicans call…’our guy for ’24!’

I’m sticking to my prediction…more so, my guarantee…that Trump will be indicted. But…what the fuck is taking so damn long? It’s been two years since the deadly January 6th insurrection. Even longer for the “I just want to find 11,780 votes” very not “perfect” Georgia phone call, his blatant tax evasion, financial fraud, emoluments violations, Stormy Daniels “hush-money” crimes. I mean, how long should it reasonably take to indict a former president who, remember, we couldn’t indict while he was a sitting president?

Whether it’s Attorney General Merrick Garland playing politics with his special counsel appointments or, as we’ve just learned in Elie Honig’s new book, Untouchable: How Powerful People Get Away with It, the Southern District of NY having played politics with its decision not to purse a racketeering indictment, the nation’s justice system may not be living up to the long-standing rule that “no one is above the law”.

Those who spew irresponsible bullshit about the risks of prosecuting Trump need to sit down and be quiet. Because the risks to our fragile democracy of not doing so are multiplied by 1000.

And the further we get from the crimes, and the closer we get to the 2024 presidential election, the more complicated this all gets for Garland. Because there’s a long span between indictment and the ultimate goal of prosecution and conviction. He needs to get off his ass and indict…now. And we need indictments from New York and Georgia asap as well.

Donald Trump was not a King or a dictator. And he cannot be above the law. Because if he is, the next, much smarter, Republican president, armed with a jacked up GOP Congress poisoned by tribal partisan toxicity, may achieve the absolute power Trump was too stupid and inept to obtain. And then our democracy is truly dead.

Andy Ostroy

Director, producer, podcaster, writer, resistor, non-profit-supporter of women filmmakers